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Individual, Couple, Family Therapy

Recovery Coaching

Reiki Therapy

Elissa has worked with clients in a wide range of age groups, providing individual, family and group counselling. Elissa has extensive skills in helping clients cope with domestic violence and abuse, physical and mental health issues, addictions, financial challenges, dementia, caregiver stress, adjustment to illness, and bereavement. 
Elissa is personable and friendly, enabling her clients to feel at ease when speaking with her. She is strong in her ability to assess clients’ situations, and is known for her honest and straightforward approach. Elissa is extremely passionate about helping clients to achieve their goals.


Elissa Shnier BSW, MSW, RSW

Meghan began her social work career over 20 years ago working with adolescents and their families who were experiencing mental health and addiction challenges. Her path to private practice involved working in wilderness therapy in Canada and the US, residential therapeutic settings, mental health, and other social service agencies within Ontario. Meghan’s ability to genuinely connect with youth, adolescents, adults, and families continues to be one of her strengths and she looks forward to working with you if given the opportunity. Whether this is your first time inquiring about help from a therapist or you are looking to maintain your mental health and wellness Meghan can offer you support and guidance.


Meghan Lloyd, MA, MSW, RSW

Laura Williams is a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Calgary. She has been working with children and families for more than 20 years. Many of her clients have found success in dealing with family conflict, parenting issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship struggles, emotion regulation, trauma and high risk behaviour. 

Laura utilizes a variety of techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family of origin work, stress management, self-esteem work, inner child work, mindfulness, effective parenting, parenting after divorce, and emotion regulation.

Laura is a believer in holistic treatment. Together you will work to identify and remove blocks that are keeping you from living a peaceful, healthy and enjoyable life.


Laura Williams MSW, RSW

Marla is a clinical Social Worker who has worked in healthcare for over 3 decades. She has been valued as a skilled member and contributor to an multi-disciplinary team, bringing a history of advocacy, client focused care and strong expertise in connecting individuals and families to much needed resources. Among other areas, Marla’s extensive knowledge of the services that are important for the geriatric community has been fuelled by her passion to ensure that this sometimes marginalized groups along with their families and caregivers receive the support and guidance they require and deserve. Marla’s strong assessment skills, warm personality and extensive experience working with all age groups, offers a positive and focused approach to overall wellbeing, and will make any client feel supported and comfortable.

Marla’s areas of focus are senior transitions, grief and pre-grief counselling, and caregiver burnout.

Marla Gomberg, BSW, MSW, RSW

Elise has worked as a clinical Social Worker in various hospitals in and across the Greater Toronto Area for over nearly 2 decades. Throughout her career, Elise has worked with (but not limited to) individuals experiencing grief and loss, complex medical issues, caregiver burnout and generalized anxiety. She has also combined her clinical knowledge and executive business experience to provide support and counselling for business professionals and business owners, recognizing and appreciating their specific stressors and needs. Her down-to-earth and individualized approach to counselling has kept her as a reliable expert in both the Social Work and Bioethics field.

Elise Devlin MSW, RSW, MHSc

Jennifer Daly joins us after a career in operations and a lifetime in recovery to be our first recovery coach. As a recovery coach Jennifer will help you remove obstacles, both personal and environmental to help you along your path to recovery She attained her certification in peer support and is accredited through CACCF. Working as a volunteer she assisted numerous individuals through sharing her own experience from recovery. She has gone on to attain her Recovery Coach certification from ORCA and is now available for clients to determine and pursue their own recovery. Working with individuals on their path to recovery is a genuine vocation for her. Jennifer’s crowning achievement remains her commitment to her long-time recovery and all the experience and wisdom that it brings. Jennifer’s life has been lived across Canada and around the world and while she currently calls Toronto home, Ireland will always have a piece of her heart.

Julie has been working with Reiki Energy since 2010 both in person and through distance healing. In her early twenties, she was always excited to experiment with different meditation techniques, and to learn all that I could about yoga and its spiritual quality.

Through her practice, Julie’s mission is to help spread Peace, Love and Light to others – and each one possesses a valuable purpose.

These qualities also restore physical and emotional well being. Through Reiki and other healing energy techniques, Julie helps her clients achieve a deep state of relaxation to assist in the body’s natural healing processes, as well as developing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Julie Hinton Green

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