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Welcome to Breathe Therapy and Wellness

Where our mission is to help you: 
Feel Well, Be Well, Stay Well - Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually


Our Story

At Breathe Therapy and Wellness, we have been providing exceptional virtual therapy and counselling services for over 3 years. Our mission is to help you feel well, be well, and stay well - physically, spiritually, and mentally. In order to continue this mission, our experienced team is not only expanding our services to include in-person therapy, but we are also bringing whole body Functional Wellness to our new clinic in midtown Toronto. Our expanded services include Athletic Therapy and Fascial Stretch Therapy, Massage Therapy, Skin Care and Skin Health services, Lymphatic Massage, and hand picked clean skin care products. We are passionate about helping our clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals - mind, body, and soul. Let us help you on your journey to wellness.

Our Services

Therapy and Supportive Counselling (virtual and in person)

Therapy provides a valuable space for self-reflection and emotional support, fostering personal growth and resilience, making it a beneficial resource for individuals of any age and facing various challenges. Unlock your potential – therapy is your personal compass for growth, resilience, and a happier you. With our highly experienced therapists and down to earth approach to therapy, we help you become your own version of your best self.

Athletic Therapy

Unleash your body's potential with personalized rehabilitation and conditioning strategies. Our certified Athletic Therapists specialize in preventing and treating musculoskeletal injuries, helping you recover faster and perform at your best. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, our tailored approach caters to all fitness levels and ages.

Athletic Therapy is ideal for kids in competitive dance or on sports teams - Give your young athletes the competitive edge they deserve! Our therapies are not only effective but also safe for kids in competitive dance or sports teams. Enhance their flexibility, prevent injuries, and instill healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Experience the transformative power of Fascial Stretch Therapy, designed to optimize your body's flexibility and mobility. This gentle, assisted stretching technique targets the fascia, promoting increased range of motion, reduced muscle tension, and improved overall well-being. Perfect for dancers and young athletes on competitive sports teams, it's a game-changer for achieving peak performance.

Customized Facial and Skin Care Treatments

Indulge in Breathe's revitalizing skincare and facial treatments, where the perfect blend of all-natural, clean, vegan, and non-toxic products harmonizes with our unwavering commitment to skin health maintenance, promising you a radiant complexion that not only looks good but feels good too. We understand the impact skin concerns can have on self confidence and overall health, and are here to help you heal and glow. Ask us about our Purely Teen Facial, created specifically for the unique needs of teenage skin!

Massage Therapy

Our customized massage therapy services are performed by an RMT (registered massage therapist) and is covered by most private extended insurance plans. Each massage will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, leaving you feeling like your best self!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our lymphatic drainage massage is crafted to boost and enhance the lymphatic flow, heighten immune system efficiency, and facilitate detoxification. This unique massage seamlessly blends gentle massage, muscle pumping and light stretching. By integrating traditional massage methods with a holistic perspective, it enables the body to expel toxins and reduce water retention.

Lymphatic massage is ideal for addressing issues such as tissue swelling that may contribute to excessive weight gain, constipation, bloating or fatigue. This specialized treatment offers a rejuvenating and comprehensive approach to well-being.

Body Contouring using RF technology

Body contouring with RF technology utilizes radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin, promoting collagen production and tightening, resulting in a smoother and more contoured appearance without the need for invasive or costly procedures.

Spiritual Care

Embark on a timeless quest for self-discovery and resilience through spiritual care, a profound resource offering guidance, introspection, and support that transcends age, fostering profound inner growth and holistic well-being.

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